Campagna Pedals Custom Machined in USA from Billet Aluminum

Welcome to Ultimate Pedals, the premier destination for high-quality custom-made aluminum pedals for Campagna vehicles. As specialists in crafting pedals specifically designed for Campagna vehicles, we take pride in delivering the ultimate driving experience for our customers.

CNC Machined from Billet Aluminum

At Ultimate Pedals, we understand that precision and durability are of utmost importance when it comes to car pedals. That's why all our pedals are CNC machined from billet aluminum, ensuring the highest quality and longevity.

Anti-Slip Finish for Safety

When it comes to pedal safety, we leave no stone unturned. Our pedals feature an anti-slip finish that provides enhanced grip, even in wet or slippery conditions. This ensures that your foot stays firmly planted on the pedal, reducing the risk of accidental slips and ensuring maximum control while driving.

Super Car Upgrade

Looking to elevate your driving experience to supercar levels? Look no further than our custom-made aluminum pedals. These pedals are designed to give your Campagna vehicle the look and feel of a high-performance supercar.

Racing Pedals

For those who are passionate about racing, our racing pedals are a must-have. These pedals are specifically designed to enhance performance and control during intense driving situations, such as heel-toe downshifting.

Lower Left Extension
Upper Left Extension
Left Side Extension

Pedal Extender

We understand that not everyone has the same physical capabilities, which is why we offer pedal extenders. These extenders are perfect for individuals who have difficulty reaching the gas and brake pedals, providing them with a more comfortable and ergonomic driving experience.

Wider Brake Pedal

Accessibility is a top priority for us at Ultimate Pedals. That's why we offer wider brake pedals that are designed to accommodate left-foot braking. Whether you have neuropathy, medical conditions, or injuries that require left-foot braking, our wider brake pedals provide the necessary space and support for seamless operation.

Left Side Extension

Made in USA

At Ultimate Pedals, we take immense pride in the fact that all our products are proudly made in the USA. We believe in supporting local craftsmanship and ensuring the highest standards of quality.


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