Dual Ghia Pedals Custom Machined in USA from Billet Aluminum

Welcome to Ultimate Pedals, your go-to destination for custom-made, high-quality aluminum pedals specifically designed for Dual-Ghia vehicles. As car enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the importance of having pedals that not only enhance the aesthetics of your vehicle but also provide the utmost precision and control. With our specialized focus on Dual-Ghia pedals, we are committed to delivering products that exceed your expectations in both quality and performance.

CNC Machined from Billet Aluminum

At Ultimate Pedals, we pride ourselves on the precision and durability of our pedals. That's why we use the finest quality billet aluminum and employ state-of-the-art CNC machining techniques to craft each pedal with meticulous attention to detail. This ensures that every pedal we produce is not only visually stunning but also built to withstand the rigors of daily use and offer long-lasting performance.

Anti-Slip Finish for Safety

Your safety is our top priority, which is why all our pedals are finished with an anti-slip coating. This special finish provides excellent traction for your feet, even in wet or slippery conditions. By enhancing pedal grip, our anti-slip finish significantly reduces the risk of your feet slipping off the pedals, allowing you to maintain complete control of your vehicle at all times.

Super Car Upgrade

Transform your Dual-Ghia into a supercar-like experience with our custom-made aluminum pedals. Not only do they add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your vehicle's interior, but they also enhance your driving experience. With their sleek design and superior performance, our pedals elevate your driving to a whole new level, making every journey feel like a thrilling adventure.

Racing Pedals

For those who crave the adrenaline rush of high-speed racing, our racing pedals are a must-have accessory. Designed with precision and performance in mind, these pedals allow for seamless heel-toe downshifting, enabling you to maintain optimal control during intense driving situations. Whether you're on the track or simply looking to add a sporty touch to your Dual-Ghia, our racing pedals are the perfect choice.

Lower Left Extension
Upper Left Extension
Left Side Extension

Pedal Extender

For individuals who have difficulty reaching the gas and brake pedals, our pedal extenders provide the perfect solution. Customizable to suit your specific needs, these extenders allow you to increase the distance between the pedals and the steering wheel, ensuring a comfortable driving position. Whether you have mobility issues or simply desire a personalized driving experience, our pedal extenders offer the flexibility and convenience you require.

Wider Brake Pedal

Accessibility and comfort are key considerations when it comes to driving, especially for individuals with neuropathy, medical conditions, or injuries. Our wider brake pedal design caters to these needs, providing a larger surface area for left-foot braking. This not only improves accessibility but also enhances control and reduces the risk of accidental pedal engagement. With our wider brake pedal, you can drive with confidence and peace of mind.

Left Side Extension

Made in USA

At Ultimate Pedals, we take pride in our American craftsmanship. All our pedals are proudly made in the USA, using the highest quality materials and manufacturing techniques. By supporting our products, you are not only investing in superior quality and performance but also contributing to the growth of American manufacturing. We are dedicated to maintaining our reputation as a trusted provider of top-notch pedals, designed and produced right here in the USA.


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