Shiny/Frosted Difference

Our: 1) shiny finish is very bright and is the same as a brushed finish. 2) frosted finish is not shiny and is similar to the cast aluminum parts of your engine, also called a mat or satin finish. If you held a shiny and frosted pedal outside in the sunlight the shiny finish would blind you while the frosted would not reflect the sunlight. Back to Top

Manufacturing Lead Time

Our current manufacturing lead-time is 10 to 14 working days before we can ship after receiving an order. However, we try to under promise and over deliver. Back to Top

Shipping Method

We use the US Post Priority Mail service for all shipments. You will receive an e-mail with a tracking number the day your order ships. Back to Top

Payment Methods

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. Back to Top

Terms and Conditions

Returned and cancelled orders may be subject to credit card processing fees. Shipping charges may not be refundable for returned orders. Back to Top

Basic vs Deluxe Pedal Sets

The only difference between the basic and deluxe pedals set is the deluxe pedal set includes the dead pedal or footrest and the basic set has just the gas and brake (automatic) or brake and clutch (manual) and parking brake (where applicable) pedals. Back to Top

Heel Toe Gas Pedal

No problem to make wider gas pedals to make it easier to perform heel toe downshifting. At the end of the day it's about comfort and driving style. We recommend sitting in the car with your right foot hanging off the brake pedal by an amount you are comfortable with and see how much needs to be added to the gas pedal to be able to blip it with the right side of your foot. There is no right or wrong amount. It's best to add the minimum amount required to avoid an unsafe condition. You can view a video here: Heel Toe Video (specifically at times 0:17sec,0:27sec, 0:58sec, 1:23sec) Back to Top

Mounting Instructions

We include mounting instructions with every order. You can review our recommended mounting procedures at the following link: How to Install If you are OK with wrenches, screwdrivers, and electric drill it should not be a problem. The hardest part is reaching the pedals (kneeling down next to the car, seat pulled back, head under steering wheel). Back to Top

Installation Shops

We have had good success recommending local car stereo installation shops (mom and pop, not the big chain stores). They are used to this kind of work. Back to Top

Pedal Extensions

Many customers have spaced our pedals by stacking washers (28 washers per screw per inch) between the back of our aluminum pedal and the front of the factory pedal. We can include longer mounting screws to allow you to space the pedals off the stock pedals (up to 1") by stacking washers on each screw (we recommend using four screws per pedal). To extend the pedals up to 2.25" you will need longer screws than we carry and more washers or taller spacers. Back to Top

Individual Pedal Orders

No problem to purchase a single pedal versus a set. Please contact us with year, make, model, name of pedal, pedal finish, and shipping address for a quote. Back to Top

Most Popular Finish

Our most popular finish is our shiny anti-slip finish. Back to Top

Smooth Pedal Warning

Our smooth finish is not recommended for automatic transmission brake or manual transmission brake and clutch pedals because it may be slippery when wet or if you wear a hard soled shoe. Back to Top

Anti-Slip Finish

Our anti-slip finish is machined into the top surface of our pedals. Also referred to as a grid or waffle pattern. Back to Top

Group Buys

We can offer a 10% discount for group buy orders of 10 or more pedal sets. Each pedal set would need to include a gas, brake or brake/clutch, and footrest (shipping, engraving, and/or emblem pocketing not subject to discount). Back to Top


We have non-compete agreements with our distributors which does not allow us to offer discounts other than group buys. Back to Top

Will Call

Ultimate pedals is a machine shop and is not open to the public. Back to Top