Isuzu Pedals Custom Machined in USA from Billet Aluminum

Welcome to Ultimate Pedals, your one-stop destination for custom-made, high-quality aluminum pedals designed specifically for Isuzu vehicles. We take pride in our specialization and expertise in providing the ultimate pedal solutions for Isuzu enthusiasts.

CNC Machined from Billet Aluminum

At Ultimate Pedals, we believe in delivering products of the highest precision and durability. That's why our Isuzu pedals are CNC machined from billet aluminum, ensuring unparalleled strength and a perfect fit for your vehicle.

Anti-Slip Finish for Safety

When it comes to safety, we leave no stone unturned. Our Isuzu pedals are designed with an anti-slip finish, providing you with enhanced grip and control. This feature is especially crucial during extreme driving conditions or when your shoes may be wet or slippery.

Super Car Upgrade

Ready to take your Isuzu to the next level? Our custom-made aluminum pedals are the perfect supercar upgrade for your vehicle. Not only do they enhance the interior aesthetics, but they also give you the feel of driving a high-performance sports car.

Racing Pedals

For those who have a need for speed, our racing pedals are designed to deliver optimum performance. Our Isuzu racing pedals are meticulously crafted to allow for precise heel-toe downshifting, enabling you to maintain control and maximize your acceleration.

Lower Left Extension
Upper Left Extension
Left Side Extension

Pedal Extender

We understand that not everyone has the same physical abilities or proportions. That's why we offer pedal extenders for those who have difficulty reaching the gas and brake pedals in their Isuzu vehicles.

Wider Brake Pedal

Accessibility is a top priority at Ultimate Pedals. That's why we've designed our Isuzu pedals with a wider brake pedal option, specifically catering to those who prefer left-foot braking or have certain medical conditions or injuries.

Left Side Extension

Made in USA

At Ultimate Pedals, we take immense pride in the fact that our products are proudly made in the USA. We believe in supporting local craftsmanship and ensuring that each pedal we produce meets the highest standards of quality and precision.


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